Heartwarming moment stranded turtle is rescued while trapped in fisherman's net

This is the heartwarming moment a group of fisherman rescued a stranded turtle that was caught up in a loose net.

Eagle-eyed captain Kosit Inkanket spotted the creature among the rope and debris floating miles out to sea off the coast of Rayong, Thailand, on Monday (February 25).

He carefully slowed down the wooden trawler and waited for the net to float over - before plucking the turtle to safety.

Footage shows how the fisherman carefully removed the turtle from the tangled net before setting it free.

The turtle even appeared to give a wave of his flippers as he was dropped back into the ocean.

Kosit said: ''There was the floating net and I used the telescope to look closer at it. Then I saw the turtle. Its flippers were moving like it was trying to escape.

''I manoeuvred the ship so we could help. It was very lucky that I noticed the turtle or it would have surely died. It would have been floating for a long time without people seeing.''

Kosit said he felt proud to have helped save the turtle.

He added: ''Fisherman need to be careful with their nets because it's easy for the others creatures in the sea to be hurt. We need to catch fish but we have to be responsible, too.''