Heartwarming moment tourist gives brand new wheelchair to disabled man begging outside shops

This is the heartwarming moment a caring tourist bought a brand new wheelchair for a disabled person begging outside shops in the Philippines.

The holidaymaker in shorts, t-shirt and sunglasses noticed the invalid sitting on a handmade wooden stool next to the mall in South Cotabato on July 27.

When he emerged from inside, he was wheeling a brand new blue chair - which he proudly presented to the disabled man.

Footage taken by passers-by shows the emotional response from the poverty-stricken beggar who was beaming with delight at his new chair.

The visitor, whose nationality is not known, then helped the disabled man to his feet so he could sit in his new wheelchair for the first time.

Shopper Jeanette Barboza saw the kind gesture from the foreigner said the man would now be able to travel around the area with ease.

She said: "We don't know who this kind man was or where he bought the wheel chair. He was such a caring person. He has made life a lot better for the disabled man.''