Heartwarming moment transgender UK man with autism is finally recognized as correct gender

The powerful and heartwarming moment is captured when 24-year-old transgender UK man Zach Brookes finally receives a letter last week (August 21) acknowledging that he is being recognized as the correct gender in a certificate from the National Health Service.

"Throughout my childhood, I was hiding my real gender identity which lead me to felt isolated to be myself in society during that time. As a child diagnosed with autism with learning difficulties, that lead my struggle to open up my emotional feelings," said the young man.

"Transitioning [with the help of] the NHS has transformed my life. Prescribing me with testosterone — which I've been taking for nearly 4 years in August, post-op top surgery nearly 2 years [ago] and recently got a lower surgery consultation," the Birmingham-based Brookes said.

"I had issues of being impatient wanting things to happen as part of my autism my world. I'm living totally different compared to the real world...that was the hardest thing to people who haven't experience autism in everyday life," Brookes said.