Heartwarming moment woman revives pregnant dog with CPR during labour

This is the heartwarming moment a woman in the Philippines revived a pregnant dog after it passed out during a difficult labour.

Riza Delloro, 39, heard the light brown Aspin dog crying outside its home in Rizal province on February 19.

The mother-of-two went to help but was stunned to find the mutt had collapsed and was unconscious.

The owner had ''given up'' on the six-year-old mother dog and was just hoping to save her litter.

But Riza began massaging the dog's heart and giving her the kiss of life to revive her.

The dog, named Lucky, eventually came round after several minutes of CPR.

Riza said: ''I heard the dog in pain and knew she was pregnant so I was worried straight away. I thought she could die.

''I just did my best to save her, because I was also thinking about her little puppies.''

Lucky went on to give birth to five healthy Aspin puppies. The entire litter and the mother survived the difficult pregnancy.

In the video, one of their neighbours can be heard saying ''she's not reacting when she's being held''.

They continue to say ''it looks like there's no life''.

Riza persevered with CPR whenever the dog stopped breathing. The mutt eventually mustered the strength to give birth to puppies.

Elizabeth Mollo, one of Riza's relatives who was also there, said: ''Our neighbour's dog was pregnant. Around afternoon, we heard the dog moaning and having a hard time. After a few hours, the owners thought she was going to die.

''Our neighbour has already given up at that point, and just wanted to at least save the puppies.''