Herd of wild elephants bring traffic to standstill

This is the breathtaking moment a herd of wild elephants brought traffic to a standstill when they emerged on a hillside then crossed the road.

The large family of pachyderms was seen in Nakhon Ratchasima, northern Thailand, on May 1.

Several cars had to stop to avoid scaring the beasts as they ambled along the grassy verge and prepared to cross the road.

Several groups of tourists stopped to take pictures - then quickly retreated back to the safety of their buses when the elephants walked closer.

Footage shows how the elephants had to carefully step over a metal barrier before crossing the highway. They then slowly trundled off into the woodland.

Onlooker Tina Roongarn, 27, said she was working as a tour guide with several holidaymakers when they noticed the elephants. ''We stopped and watched the elephants while being quiet to avoid scaring them,'' said Tina.

''It's rare to see a whole family of elephants together in an open space next to the road like this. If the elephants had been frightened they may have charged and that would have been very dangerous.''