Here Are 15 WTF Things That Happen Only In India

When it comes to creativity India can never be left behind!! Why? Find it out yourself with this coolest collection of pictures... Enjoy!

It happens only in India!


Support ke maamle mein we are the number one!! Bet on it!


We really love to follow the latest Fashion Trend


Who wants to get their hair done?!


We always keep safety first


We love chats but we love our social circles even more


Our room is too small for a mirror!!


When we are too much in love with our stuffs something like this happens


We love our kids too!!


We are freaking conscious about our environment!


We are animal lovers you know


Our posters speak louder than our degree 


We love our desi tadka so see what we did with KFC 


Some of us love to hate the English language 


We hate to move out from our comfort zone