Hero biker chases and catches taxi driver who allegedly stole mobile phone in Thailand

This is the exhilarating moment a motorbike rider chased and caught a taxi driver who allegedly stole someone's phone.

Sukan Khetvorakan, 24, was travelling to the dentist on Monday (August 26) morning when he noticed a motorist in distress in Bang Plad district of Bangkok, Thailand.

The driver was banging on the window of the pink cab accusing him of stealing his phone. The taxi driver then fled.

Sukan's helmet camera captured the thrilling pursuit as the biker chased the run-away cabbie through narrow streets with the help from an off-duty policeman in a white helmet.

The police officer overtook the thief and stopped his motorcycle in front of the cab to force the driver to stop.

Sukan and the cop then grabbed the cabbie while they looked for the victim and waited for reinforcements to arrive.

Hero biker Sukan, a tattoo artist, said: "The other taxi driver told me that the thief stole his mobile phone so I chased him down.

"He was very reckless by trying to escape from us in his car. I am so sick of people like this."

Police arrived and arrested the alleged thief. According to local media, the suspect admitted the theft and was also found to be under the influence of drugs at the time.