Hero biker saves girl having epileptic fit while stuck in Thai traffic jam

This is the incredible moment a hero biker saved the life of a young girl having an epileptic fit - by rushing her to the hospital while her family were stuck in a traffic jam.

The girl's father Sorachat Sadudee, 51, was driving home after picking up his two daughters from school in Phitsanulok, central Thailand on Thursday (May 23) evening.

His youngest daughter Kaimook, eight, told him that she felt sick and very tired, so he tried to make his way home as quickly as he could.

But the girl had a potentially deadly tonic seizure and started to foam at the mouth before she eventually passed out on the passenger seat while they stuck at a junction.

The father was trying to drive the child to the nearest hospital but he was blocked in by the heavy traffic. So, he opened the window beeping and shouting for help.

Speaking after, Sorachat said: “At that moment, she was in a very terrible condition. Her hands were jerking, her mouth had turned green, and her body was so pale with a high temperature too.’’

Passing biker Itthiphon Petchphibunpong, 28, noticed the panic-stricken family inside the black sedan frantically trying to wake the girl up.

Helmet camera footage shows the quick-thinking motorcyclist parked his bike and asked what was happening, before immediately offering to take the girl to the hospital.

Itthiphon moved forward knocking on the car windows asking for them to move out of the way so the family could park their car at the roadside. The father then carried his sick daughter and jumped onto the back of the big motorbike.

They were heard asking several drivers to make a path and beeping at cars in order to get through Thailand's notoriously bad rush hour traffic.

Footage shows the motorcycle ride weaving through rows of stationary cars waiting at junctions.

Kaimook finally arrived at the emergency ward within four minutes - far quicker than her father would have been able to have arrived if he had stayed in the traffic jam. She was saved and later transferred to another hospital.

Sorachat said: “I couldn’t thank him enough for his kindness. He saved my daughter’s life. As soon as she is fully recovered, I’ll take her to meet him and thank him again in person.”

Speaking after the incident, Itthiphon said that it was an unexpected moment but he was very happy to help the child with his big bike.

The heroic biker said: ''At first, I was also surprised to see her having a seizure. I didn’t know how to treat her but I knew that I could take her to the hospital with my motorcycle.

''As I am also a father, I know what it feels like to see our children collapsed and in pain in front of us. So, I didn’t even hesitate to help her.''