Hero cop saves woman from slipping under moving train

This is the heart-stopping moment an alert policeman saves a woman from slipping under a moving train.

Railway Police Constable Suman was on duty at Egmore Railway station in Chennai, India, on November 12.

A CCTV camera caught a woman passenger running to catch Sardar Sethu Express, which was leaving the platform.

She failed to get into the moving train and fell. As she went down, she held on to the footboard of the coach and was dragged along.

Suman saw that the woman was slipping into the space between the train and the platform. He rushed towards her and pulled her put to safety.

The woman was in shock but suffered only a few minor injuries on her legs. She was taken to a railway hospital for first aid.

An official said Suman would be rewarded for saving the woman’s life.