Hero motorcyclist rescues injured puppy on busy road

This is the heart-warming moment an injured puppy stranded on a motorway just inches from passing cars is rescued by a hero motorcyclist.

The tiny stray pooch had wandered onto the busy flyover road in Taguig, Philippines, on October at 2pm and became tangled in a piece of plastic.

He had already been clipped by a car and with dozens more whizzing by every minute, the dog could almost certainly being knocked over and killed.

But the hero motorbike rider noticed the struggling puppy and risked his own life by pulling over in the flow of traffic to attend to the animal.

Footage taken by a worker at a nearby office block overlooking the road captured the moment the rider battled to free the puppy, before carefully riding away with it in his lap.

Touchingly, it later emerged that the rider had decided to adopt the dog.

Financial advisor Risha Espadero, 28, said: ''This was so amazing when I saw it. It's so beautiful that somebody was concerned about animal welfare they stopped to help, instead of just riding by. This is so inspirational, and gives hope for all the other stray dogs.''

Risha said that the fiancé of the motorcyclist had since contacted her to say that they were now adopting the puppy.

Risha added: ''It really melted my heart when the man's partner said that he had decided to keep the dog.

''He has called the puppy, Ace. He's not very old, maybe a few months, and he has a limp from where he was injured, but they can fix that at the vets.

''Ace is still shy and nervous around people, but that will change as he grows more confident.''