Hero oil tanker driver attempts to stop moving car with fainted motorist inside in China's Jiaxing

An oil tanker driver risked his life to stop a moving car with a fainted female motorist inside.

CCTV video filmed in Jiaxing City in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province on March 4 shows the driver stepping out of his own large vehicle and running after the moving white car at a junction on a busy road.

After the oil tanker driver latches on to the side of the car, he is dragged forward with it. A policeman and another passerby run to help him.

Video shows them pushing the car towards the embankment and the car finally came to a halt.

Another police officer called for help while others tried to wake up the driver by shaking the car.

The driver eventually woke up and unlocked the door. She was then sent to hospital.

According to reports, the driver named Zhu had been working overtime for several days thus she was too tired and fainted.