Hero Stops On Busy Highway To Save Abandoned Kitten

A kitten narrowly avoided a very unpleasant death on the highway, thanks to one kind man. CCTV footage shows a very young little kitten abandoned on a busy road in Kaliningrad, Russia. Cars of all sorts are trying their best to avoid the tiny creature, while the kitten holds on for dear life.

At one moment, a truck rolls over the kitty, swerving left and right to avoid hitting it! Phew, that was close. The kitten makes every attempt to crawl to the side of the road, knowing that its life was in peril.

So many cars pass the unfortunate animal, but no one seems to think to stop and pick it up! That is, until one kind soul blocked the lane, flashes the blinkers and got out of his car, right there in the middle of the <a href="https://rumble.com/v348lh-motorcyclist-saves-a-puppy-on-a-highway.html" target="_blank">highway</a>!

Denis Degtyarev got out of his black Peugeot car and approached the scared <a href="https://rumble.com/v3nfkp-kitten-rescued-after-massachusetts-state-troopers-close-down-busy-highway-t.html" target="_blank">kitten</a>. He crouched next to the animal and checked him out. When Denis picked the kitten up, he acknowledged that it is okay and responsive, just a little bit shaken by this horrible ordeal! Not thinking twice, Denis took the kitten back into his car and drove away with it. Bravo, sir!

Luckily, this cat’s fate was in good hands, in the hands of a hero called Dennis! This man was riding his car, probably taking the kids at school or going to work peacefully when she saw a cat in the middle of a busy street who was scared to death. Let's say she was at the right time at the right place. If he hadn't ventured up and made a move, we would prefer even not to consider what might have occurred!

He didn’t hesitate a second to stop and take that kitten to safety, and those are the people we praise, and we see in them a role model. A true hero can be anyone from the firefighters at the station to a man saving precious cat’s life, and they deserve all the glory!

Russian media tracked down the 43-year-old hero from Kaliningrad and found out what happened afterwards. "The kitten turned out very small, not even able to eat, so I took him to the sports school, where my children were, and with the help of good people, we found him a new home," Denis said.

All is well that ends well!

Credit to 'VK/Safe City Kaliningrad'.