Heroic man in China saves plummeting toddler by breaking his fall with bare hands

A heroic man saved a toddler who fell off the fourth-floor of a building by breaking the boy's fall with his bare hands in northwestern China.

The CCTV footage, filmed in ILi Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on May 23, shows a man trying to catch a two-year-old boy dropping from a building with his bare hands.

However, he was knocked down by the toddler and fainted on the ground.

After the man woke up, police and ambulance have arrived on site. He and the toddler were sent to hospital.

According to reports, the man was about to rest in his car but then he heard someone shout that a boy was lying on the fourth-floor window.

He got out of his car to check and saw the boy falling down.

Thanks to the man, the boy was rescued. Both the man and the boy are in good conditions.