Heroic taxi driver chases down driverless car rolling down road in China and stops it

A heroic taxi driver chased after and jumped into a driverless car to stop it from rolling down a road in central China.

The CCTV video, filmed in Xingshan county in Hubei province on July 20, shows a man parking his car on the side of the road and exiting.

However, the car with three passengers inside suddenly started to roll down the slope in the road.

An old man opened the back door immediately. He tried to use his foot to block the tyre and stop the car from moving forward but ended up falling out of the vehicle.

A taxi driver waiting for the traffic light at the crossing heard the old man asking for help and saw the driverless car moving past. He then ran after the driverless car.

Finally, he caught up with the car and jumped inside to stop it before it crashed into the pavement.