Heroic taxi driver rescues four people trapped in minibus after crash in China's Lanzhou

A heroic taxi driver rescued four people trapped in a minibus after crash at an intersection in northwestern China's Lanzhou on July 14.

In the CCTV video, a taxi speeds into a minibus and knocks it over into the middle of a road.

Another taxi driver, named Liu Yongguo, waiting for the traffic lights witnessed the incident and got out of his taxi immediately to help the people trapped in the minibus.

Liu can be seen trying to lift the minibus up but failed, so he climbed onto it to pull the trapped people out one-by-one.

Since Liu had the same uniform as the perpetrator, the people in the minibus mistook him for the taxi driver who caused the incident and blamed him.

However, Liu said: "I only thought about saving people. Although I felt bad, saving people was the most important thing."