High winds from Cyclone Fani cause havoc in eastern Indian village

Powerful winds from Cyclone Fani caused considerable damage in the small village of Charichhak in Puri District, Odisha State, eastern India, on Friday (May 3).

In the video, we can see a landscape devastated by strong winds. At the end of the sequence, we can see the trail of destruction left by the cyclone in the village of Charichhak.

Trees were uprooted, power and telecom lines snapped as Tropical Cyclone Fani ("Snake" in Bengali), the strongest storm to hit India in five years, swept ashore the eastern state of Odisha.

With effects felt as far away as Mount Everest, winds gusting up to 200 kilometres (125 miles) per hour sent coconut trees flying and reportedly killed at least eight people and one in Bangladesh, officials said.

Bangladesh, which lies further up the path of Tropical Cyclone Fani, ordered the evacuation of 2.1 million people before the storm arrives on Saturday (May 4).