Highspeed 'Globe of Death' stunt sees 2 motorbike riders collide in Sydney

Three people were involved in a nasty crash during a Globe of Death stunt at Sydney's Royal Easter Show.

The footage shows two motorbike riders speeding around the sphere narrowly avoiding the person standing in the middle of the globe.

Towards the end of the video, one of the riders clips the person in the middle sending the two motorbikes into each other at a dangerous speed.

Spectators can be heard gasping as they watch the stunt team collide with each other.

The filmer later told Newsflare: "Ambulance officers arrived and checked over the three men who appeared shaken but uninjured. The motorbikes didn’t fear as well, they were both badly damaged."

This incident took place at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney that takes place over 12 days. The event holds agricultural competitions, animal experiences, live entertainment, a carnival and shopping.