Hilarious cat runs on hind legs to intimidate her trespassing feline foe

This confused cat tries to intimidate her feline friend by running hilariously across the garden on its hind legs.

Richard, who filmed this video in his home in Aberdeen, Scotland, told Newsflare: "Lily does things like this all the time, filming her is hard to do because she is very quick. She chases insects around the garden with her funny ‘walks’. She has a brother that she also does this to."

Cats stand on their hind legs to make themselves appear as large as possible, warding off potential predators.

"My mouth and eyes were wide open when I saw her do it and I was trying to suppress my laughter," Richard said.

"After the video ends, I went outside in case Lily was in trouble. The ginger cat saw me and scaled a six-foot wall into another garden. Lily chased him for about 20-feet then decided to come back into the house. She was strutting about the place thinking she was John Wayne."

This funny video was captured on Tuesday (April 16) in the filmer's garden.