Hilarious falling paper ball prank on hapless strangers in the street (edited)

This hilarious edited film of an elaborate prank sees a group of pranksters stand on the pavement with balls of paper in their hand waiting for strangers to walk by them. As the hapless pedestrians go about their daily business the paper-balls suddenly start 'raining down' on them as the jokers throw them in a highly choreographed way.

Music and sound effects have been added to go along with the falling paper-balls which, to the tricksters' victims, looks as if someone in the building above them is throwing them down. To accentuate this effect a number of the comedians stand around looking up at the phantom paper-thrower with looks of disbelief on their faces .

Some of the tricksters' victims are nonplussed and try to find out what kind of delinquent would throw paper on people down in the street. Little do they know that they are standing right next to the actual perpetrators of the prank.

The footage shot on April 16 shows a sunny day in Beirut where a group of young jokers are standing around on a street.

Most of the people walking through the jokers' clutches try to get out of there as quickly as possible once the balls start falling down. However, a few stick around to find the culprit.

A man in headphones walks past the waiting comics and a barrage of paper-balls fall on him. He whips his headphones off and stares up at the building. He eventually realises that he is the victim of an elaborate joke and laughs along with the prank's creators. He's even shown where he is being filmed.

One older gentleman suffers the full onslaught of paper-ball rain and then walks out into the street, looking up at the building. His frustration is eventually turned to broad laughter when the person next to him, pretending to oust the cruel paper-ball thrower, reveals himself as the culprit.