Hilarious Greyhound is Still as a Statue

Occurred on September 25, 2019 / Ontario, Canada

Info from Licensor: "Joker is a 5-year-old female greyhound who has retired from the world of racing and now spends her time relaxing and making us laugh at the ridiculous faces she makes. It's not uncommon to see her tongue hanging out one side of her mouth or the other! She can look so elegant one moment, and quite ridiculous the next! Greyhounds are wonderful, gentle dogs who, despite being bred for their incredible speed, spend most of their time sleeping. Most owners lovingly call them '45mph Couch Potatoes'. Joker is no exception and she is very grateful for her big, cushy bed (and a good run now and then too)! This video is a perfect example of the ridiculous things we see her do on a daily basis."