Hilarious moment bungling cop accidentally bounces grenade off wall

This is the hilarious moment a cop tries to throw a grenade in a room only for it to hit the door frame and bounce back.

The armed officers were simulating a raid during combat training in a disused building in Phuket, Thailand on Tuesday (August 27).

Six of them had to crowd round a room - with an imaginary armed fugitive inside - before hurling a stun grenade inside and rushing in to catch the suspect.

Each of the cops stood in their positions with weapons in front of the target room, ready to pounce once the bright flash and cloud of smoke had disorientated any would-be assailants.

But the rookie policeman tasked with the most important job completely missed the target, throwing the stun grenade at the wall before it rebounded straight back into the group.

The men ran for cover as the grenade quickly detonated with a flash and loud bang.

They were heard laughing about the failed training exercise before being forced to carry it out for a second time.

Police private Khun Piwatcharaphan, who captured the video, said that the accident was the most amusing and the most memorable moment he had from the training session.

He said: ''We were so well-prepared and concentrated all the way to the end of the mission without any mistakes but nothing always goes as planned.

''We burst out laughing when the explosive hit the wall. It was the funniest failure I have experienced in training. But I promise that nothing like this would ever happen in real situations.''