Hilarious moment cat tries and FAILS to get a ball out of its toy

Watch as this adorable ginger cat named Thumbkin tries with all it's might to get a ball out of a disc-shaped cat-toy given to him by his owner.

However, what Thumbkin doesn't know is that the metal jingle-ball is unretrievable. That doesn't stop the persistent prowler from being dead-set on getting it's paws on that ball!

The frustrated feline digs it's cute little paws into the toy but the ball seems to evade capture every time. Thumbkin's head moves back and forth with lightning-quick speed trying to follow the pesky ball.

Poor Thumbkin even tries various tactics such as laying down and then pouncing on the toy. He tries looking away quickly and then looking back to get a jump on the ball but it's just too quick for this housebound hunter.

The footage shows Thumbkin in a living room with a hard wood floor. As he bats the toy about the room it slides with ease making Thumbkin jump into a chase.

At one point the footage shows the four-legged stalker push the toy out of the room on to a carpeted area where his owner has to intervene.

This doesn't stop Thumbkin from continuing the chase; a chase which is inevitably doomed.