Hilarious moment disorientated boxer accidentally grapples with referee

This is a hilarious moment a disorientated boxer accidentally started fighting the referee.

Hundreds of villagers attended the traditional Muay Thai field boxing at Huay Chorakhe Temple Fair in Nakhon Pathom, central Thailand.

Footage from last Friday (January 18) shows how the fighter in blue shorts took two right hooks to the head – knocking him down onto the hay-covered ground.

When he climbed to his feet the referee came between the two opponents to break up the tussle – but was inadvertently caught in the cross-fire.

The boxer believed that the ref was his opponent and began wrestling, punching and kneeing him.

Spectators began laughing and cheering before the judge eventually shouted loud enough to make the boxer in blue shorts stop. He later apologised for the accidental attack.

Filmer Pachara Klasongkram said: ‘’He just wanted to win so much that he just punched whatever or whoever was near him and he didn’t even hear what the judge was trying to say.’’