Hilarious moment easyJet passenger wears 15 tops to avoid overweight suitcase fees

This is the hilarious moment an easyJet passenger put on 15 tops to avoid the airline's excess baggage fees.

John Irvine, 46, from Glasgow, Scotland, was travelling back from a holiday in France with his family when his suitcase passed the 23kg allowance for checked-in luggage.

The father was told by airport staff that his case was overweight and that he needed to pay 96GBP in fees during the incident on July 6.

However, instead of paying for the extra weight, John simply unpacked his case and wore the tops to make his luggage lighter.

His son, Josh, filmed as his father sweltered beneath the mountain of clothing with 15 shirts on top of another to the amusement of the staff at the desk.

Josh said: "The suitcase was over the weight limit in the airport so my da whipped out about 15 shirts and whacked every one of them on to make the weight. He was sweating."

John's solution managed to reduce the weight of the baggage to under 23kg and he was able to pass through without paying the extra fees for the weight.

Josh added: ''The lassie at the counter asked us if we wanted to pay extra but my dad just looked up at her and said 'hen, watch this' and zipped open the suitcase and quickly flung on about 15 jumpers to help cut down the weight.

"The staff were in stitches with laughter but trying to get through the security was a struggle because they thought he was trying to smuggle something under all his clothes. Thankfully we got through eventually."