Hilarious "Elevator of Doom" prank terrifies unwitting members of the public

Watch this group of pranksters scare the wits out of people thinking they are just going for an ordinary ride in an elevator on 15 August.

Inside the lift, in Beirut, Lebanon, is where this group of jokers await their prey. As the doors close one member of the troupe collapses followed quickly by other members leaving unwitting passengers standing aghast.

The doors to the elevator slowly open and the unnerved passengers slowly exit leaving the group of tricksters on the floor. Some members of the public wonder if they should get help but more often than not they just leave!

The group try many different twists on the prank with one member dressing up in a black costume and gas mask. As the doors open the member of the public left standing amongst seemingly dead bodies is faced with the monstrous man-in-black. The lady runs away screaming "OMG. It's a sketch, right?"

In a hilarious twist there is nowhere for her to go. She is forced to re-enter the elevator and stand next to her nemesis.