Hilarious terrified facial expressions as joker pranks co-worker everyday in a series of clips

This prankster scares the pants of his co-worker, mainly while she's cleaning the men's toilet, in a series of hilarious clips edited together.

The poor female co-worker goes about her business at work when the filmer repeatedly sneaks up on her and with very little effort makes her jump out of her skin.

The startled lady has the most expressive terrified facial expression at the moment she realises the filmer is behind her. These expressions are hilarious every time and the filmer is somehow able to keep drawing them out of her by repeatedly shocking his beleaguered workmate.

The footage shows the filmer creeping up behind the lady at work who often wears a high visibility jacket and places a tiny object on her shoulder. The lady turn around and sees the object on her shoulder out of the corner of her eye. She starts screaming and squealing in unintelligible English as she tries to take her shirt off!

As the film progresses a series of clips shows filmer sneaking into the men's toilets where his unwitting co-worker is cleaning. In various different locations within the toilet this poor lady is frightened out of her wits which elicits the hilarious facial expressions and a barrage of swearing which are bleeped out.

With the amount of times the woman has been pranked it's a wonder she hasn't filmed herself getting the filmer back.