Hole in Rocks by the Sea Turns into Underwater Tunnel

Occurred on 2020 / Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, France

Info From Licensor: IĀ found the cave while hanging out with friends by the sea! My family thought it was dangerous and most of my friends found it amazing, or dangerous as well. I go from one hole in the rocks to another hole through an underwater tunnel. "The tunnel was really scary, we could see water being blown out of it, and the other end of the tunnel was in the sea. So, to be safe I first put my feet in one hole to check if my friend could see them from the other hole. I was too scared to go first so he went first and I was waiting for him. Then, I put my GoPro in my mouth to record the whole thing and did it again with the GoPro in my hand to be able to switch views once edited!" said Gautier.