Holidaymakers enjoy stunning views of Mount Fuji in Japan

Chaotic scenes at Mount Fuji in Japan where dozens of tourists crammed onto a viewing platform to take pictures of the iconic volcano.

Large numbers of coaches were queuing in traffic jams for several miles along the roads leading to Fuji arrived at the destination on April 12.

Holidaymakers arriving at the active volcano in Shizuoka Prefecture then needed sharp elbows to get a view of the snow-covered peak, with dozens of people piling onto the only viewing platform, a wooden decking on the edge of the chock-a-block car park.

The filmer said: ''Everybody was there trying to get the perfect selfie with Mount Fuji in the background, but I think most people's shots had somebody else's arms and shoulders in them. There wasn't much space, to say the least.''

Mount Fuji, which means no exhaustion, last erupted more than 300 years ago. in 1707. However, it is still considered as active by geologists. Snow covers the tip for around nine months of the year while snow can be found on the lower parts of the mountain in the winter and early spring months.