Honey hunters risks their lives working on foothills in Vietnam

These daredevils climb to great heights every day in order to collect high-priced honey in Vietnam.

They use smoke, ladders and occasionally ropes to balance when harvesting the honey from the hives on cliffs and trees.

Nail-biting footage shows a man standing with no security harness on a wooden ladder off a cliff, and using a bamboo stick to grab a honeycomb.

Further footage shows another man climbing a tree with ease in order to collect a honeycomb at the top.

‘’They [the honey hunters] do not need to use protective equipment because they are used to being bitten by bees,’’ said the filmer.

The honey of the bees in Yen Bai Province has a high price in the Vietnamese market. The litre is sold between £30 and £35 (1 million Vietnamese dongs).