Hong Kong protester uses steel bowl to neutralise tear gas canister

A protester in Hong Kong was filmed on Wednesday (August 14) using a steel bowl to neutralise a tear gas canister.

A young man in a black shirt can be seen in the video standing on an upside-down bowl with the gas canister beneath it.

Another clip filmed by the same person, showed local residents arguing with armed police who were blocking a road in the Sham Shui Po area of Hong Kong.

A police officer can be heard saying: "Walk away! It is dangerous!"

A protester replies: "I need to go back home. I live on the opposite road. Shall I sleep on the street, sir? Where can I go? My house is on the opposite road, around 30-metre away from here."

The police officer responds: "Wait a while."

Then the angry local resident says: "A while? But do not ask me to walk to that side! Where shall I walk to? Give me a location. How many metres away?"

The police officer replies saying: "Do not trick us! Shut up!"