Hornets vacuumed out of HUGE nest found in tree trunk

A huge hornet's nest was found in a tree trunk in Philadelphia and was removed after the bugs were sucked out with a vacuum.

Bret Davis, who filmed the video, claimed the large nest was a threat to the homeowner's children and needed to be removed.

The female foragers were sucked into a vacuum containing water mixed with dish soap to kill the insects. The queens were released along with the males.

Says Davis: "I am a nurse and stone mason contractor who enjoys performing wasp nest removals on the side. This particular wasp nest was a vespa crabro (European hornet) nest inside of a standing dead white oak tree.

"After the majority of the foragers were removed, I cut the tree open carefully to expose the hive without damaging its structures. The nest was removed and brought back to my home where I extracted the new queens and males for release."