Horse runs loose on a busy road after fleeing from its owner in the Indian capital Delhi

In a dramatic incident, a horse was seen running with a driverless cart in the middle of a busy road in the Indian capital New Delhi.

A motorcycle rider who saw the rare incident immediately took out his smartphone and captured the rare event.

In the video shot by the road user, the horse can be seen running unchecked in the middle of a busy road plied by many heavy vehicles.

It runs unchecked as there is no driver on board and it runs as per its whims and fancy.

The road users who spot other vehicles in the midway shouts to warn the horse and stop but it meticulously runs through the street saving the cart from dashing into any vehicle nearby.

The horse can also be seen pulling off the stunt and bending the cart on a suspicion that the cart may dash into a vehicle parked on the side which may slow down its speed. The cart is bent at an angle as the clever horse makes a close shave.

The men burst into laughter after seeing the unusual running skill of the horse.