Hug of nature: Indian family builds house around 'sacred' fig tree

This Indian family found a unique and beautiful way of preserving a 150-year-old fig tree that was growing in an area they were expanding their house upon.

Instead of cutting down the tree, the Kesharwani family ended up constructing the new part of their house around it.

The thick tree trunk that reaches the skies through the middle of the building is truly a sight to watch.

The Kesharwani family claims themselves as nature lovers.

Yogesh Kesharwani said that his father built the house in 1994 with the help of an engineer friend.

"The tree is some 150 years old. We knew it was easy to cut the tree but difficult to grow one like it", added Yogesh.

The fig tree is considered sacred by many in India and cutting one down is considered inauspicious.

The Kesharawani family believes that more than 350 million gods and goddesses reside in one fig tree. They said that the tree is also mentioned in the Gita, a Hindu religious text.

According to Yogesh, the family wanted to send out a strong message that people can put down roots in the middle of nature without destroying anything.

The four-storey building is a local landmark because of its unique facade.

Bright green canopy juts out of the windows of the building, inviting a curious gaze or two every now and then.

The house also caught the attention of engineering and architecture students who go there to study the unique design.

Also, the tree has never caused any practical problems for the family.

"It just stands there silently", stated Yogesh.