Huge African elephant has an itch he just can't scratch

This enormous African elephant has an itch he just can't scratch at Kruger National Park in South Africa on June 23.

The filmer also included a narrative description of the video:
"It is always entertaining to watch wildlife going about grooming and cleaning themselves in the wild. Wild animals in Africa find themselves living in hostile conditions which calls for regular self-grooming and cleaning. Every animal species uses their own unique techniques and ways to clean their bodies and skins, sometimes leading to very funny behavior. During a late afternoon safari in the Kruger National Park, we came across a lone big elephant bull, wandering around in the bush. While admiring the beauty of this magnificent creature, we noticed that this elephant bull suddenly became very interested in a large rock nearby him. The bull elephant walked up to the rock, put his trunk on top of it before slowly moving into an awkward looking standing position in front of the rock. The male elephant dropped his backside, bending his back knees slightly, with the rock clutched between his two front legs. The bull elephant started moving from side to side, scratching the front part of his belly. This was so strange looking and really funny to watch. It was clear that this elephant was really itchy and wanted to get rid of all those nasty insects and parasites on his skin. Once relieved from the itch in the front, the elephant moved into another odd-looking position over the rock. It was time to get to the itchy parts in between his hind legs. To our amusement, the elephant casually lifted his one back leg and started scratching a very hard to reach part of his body. We could see a flap of skin hanging over the rock while the elephant enjoyed his deep and satisfying scratch. Amazingly that specific one rock standing in the middle of nowhere was just the perfect height for this big bull elephant to reach all those difficult places while scratching off all the irritations from his tough and hardy skin. Who would have thought that one single rock can give a big bull elephant so much relief and satisfaction."