Huge king cobra caught after swallowing a wild monitor lizard in Thailand

This huge king cobra was caught while swallowing the monitor lizard in a woman's front yard.

Anantaya Polbamrungwong returned to her house and heard a dog barking at the enormous serpent in Krabi southern Thailand on Saturday, July 27.

The 16ft long reptile had a huge bulge in its tummy where it had swallowed the lizard.

Anantaya was shocked by the size of the 28lb monster king cobra and called the rescue team for help.

Officers arrived with snake catching tools and filmed the beast being stuffed into a bag. Due to the size, they believe the king cobra was around eight-years-old and had prayed on many large creatures.

Anantaya said: "I heard my dog barking loudly and I thought my house had been burgled. But it was this huge king cobra.

"I have never seen a snake this big before and he was eating a huge monitor lizard as well."

The rescue workers released the serpent several miles away.

One snake handler said: ''This king cobra will be released back to the wild far from here as it might cause fear around the neighborhood or eat the local pets."