Huge python snaps twice at cop trying to save it

A python stubbornly snapped at a policeman who was trying to rescue it.

The 12-feet snake was spotted near a building on Ganga Barrage road in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, India, on October 25. 

Local residents allege that they called the forest officials but none turned up.

A crowd gathered and many wanted to kill the python fearing that it may enter the building. 

A policeman, who was passing by with his colleague, got off his bike and tried to save the snake by dragging it across the road.

The snake didn’t seem to like the idea and kept slithering back to where it was earlier. In a tug of war with the policeman it snapped at him at least twice.

But he managed to drag the snake across the road holding its tail with the help of two local men who restrained it with the help of two sticks.

“The cop was brave but he was not trained for the job. The snake is still a threat as it has been left in a farm land,” said Pradeep Thakur, 52, a resident of Unnao.

“Forest officials should capture it and release it in a forest,” he added.