Hundreds forced to flee Honduras international airport as police use tear gas on protesters

Hundreds of passengers and staff at Honduras' international airport were forced to evacuate the building after the police clashed with protesters on May 30.

There have been reports of police using tear gas on teachers, students and doctors protesting government bills to privatise health care, pensions and education.

A statement released by the airport said that airport medical staff were providing medical care for those affected by tear gas.

Honduras airport has suspended flights due to the violent riots. Flights from the US have been diverted to nearby cities including Delta flight 840 from Atlanta due for Honduras capital Tegucigalpa which was diverted to Ramon Villeda Morales airport in San Pedro Sula.

Footage shows airport passengers and staff walking across runways and grass covering their mouths. The filmer also captures a wave of people fooding from the airport's main building with many of them covering their faces due to the use of gas.