Hundreds of water dispensers float down flooded street after heavy downpour

Hundreds of plastic barrels and sacks of rubbish float down a street after sudden flash flooding.

The downpours caused rivers to burst their banks in Kampot province, Cambodia, on October 20, sparking a deluge of water to surge into nearby communities.

Footage shows hundreds of plastic water vats used in drinks dispensers being carried along the road after they spilled from a stranded lorry. Huge sacks stuffed with plastic destined to be recycled were also flowing in the torrent.

Locals managed to collect all of the waste and strap it back into trucks after the rain stopped and the sun came out following the flash flood.

Council officials in the area said that water levels had soared following a downpour and denied that the floods were caused by a blunder from the recently installed Kamchay hydroelectric dam.