If You Give a Monkey a Munchie

Occurred on March 13, 2018 / Jaipur, India

Info from Licensor: "We were traveling in India for a few months and had just been prancing around Jaipur with a stream of colors around us as it was the Holi Festival. We were filled with adrenaline because of all the fun that was going on in the country. We took an interesting tuk-tuk ride to the Monkey Temple where we had been told that the monkeys that reside there are gentle and happy companions. Having this in mind, I decided to have a seat to share my nuts with one of the little guys. For some reason, Caroline was videoing. I shared a nut and before I knew it the cheeky monkey threw his hands into mine to snatch the packet out of my hands. Not expecting this at all - I lept up because I thought my next stop might be to the hospital for a rabies jab. I got a huge fright and it was utterly hilarious."