Impressive moment when Israeli rocket hit Hamas building in Gaza

An Israeli air strike hit the office of Islamist movement Hamas's leader Ismail Haniyeh in western Gaza on Monday (25 March), a few hours after a rocket from the Palestinian enclave hit a house near Tel Aviv and injured seven people, raising fears of a serious escalation.

The filmer was on the street when he saw warning missiles hitting the building. He started filming with his phone to get the main rocket on camera.

The building was likely to have been evacuated in advance.

Multiple rockets were then fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel.

Now, a ceasefire has reportedly been reached between the Palestinian militant group Hamas and Israel after this serious escalation.

The Israeli strikes were begun around the same time as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met US President Donald Trump in Washington, with explosions rocking areas of the Gaza Strip and balls of fire rising into the sky.

There was no claim of responsibility for the early morning attack. The Israeli military said Hamas fired the rocket from about 120 km (75 miles) away, making it the longest-range attack from Gaza causing casualties since a 2014 war.

The flare-up comes at a highly sensitive time for Israel, which holds elections on April 9.