Incompetent Indonesian thief leaves his ID in a shop he robbed

CCTV footage captured the moment a man robbed a phone shop in Agam, Indonesia and left his ID card.

Filmed on May 27, the man wearing a yellow motorcycle helmet and masked entered the phone shop to purchase scratch-resistant phone screens.

After the store assistant bends down to activate a SIM card, the robber hits her on the back of the head twice.

Meanwhile, the robber didn't expect the bag used to persecute to be torn, making items in the bag like a stone, two scissors, and several ID cards containing his name and photo scattered on the floor.

The robber's bag was torn seeing his possessions, such as a stone, two pairs of scissors and several ID cards, scatter on the floor.

The shopkeeper shouted for help and residents who heard the screaming for help try to catch the robber, but he escaped on a bike.

Head of Sector Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Iptu Erman, on Thursday (June 13) said, the perpetrator was arrested but wasn't jailed for being in a peaceful effort with the victim.