Incredible moment car driver is pulled up alive after plunging into 60-feet well

This is the stunning moment a car driver is pulled up alive from a 60-feet well after driving his vehicle into it.

The stunning rescue occurred in Khargone in central India on January 14.

Nitin Kumavat, 27, a resident of Khargone, was driving on a nearby highway when his car went out of control, hit a transformer on the roadside, and plunged into a 60-feet deep dry well.

Villagers, who saw the accident and rushed to the well, were surprised to see Nitin survived the fall and crawled out of the car.

Instead of waiting for an official rescue team, the villagers lowered a rope. Though slightly injured and shaken up, Nitin fastened himself to the rope.

As the villagers pulled the rope, he struggled to climb up. But with everyone cheering him, Nitin showed enough grit and crawled up.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he is recovering well.