Incredible moment frog hopes away after being regurgitated by snake

This stricken frog was rescued from the jaws of death and brought back to life after being swallowed by a snake.

The amphibian was caught by the serpent inside a family pond in Ayutthaya, central Thailand, on March 20.

Rescue workers who were already nearby were alerted to the splashing and went over to look. By the time they managed to catch the snake, it had already swallowed the frog.

However, the serpent then regurgitated the creature which hopped back into life as it laid on the gravel.

The frog managed to limp away back towards the water while the reptile, a venomous keelback which can be capable of a deadly bite, was then carried away and released back into the wild several miles away.

Jackchai Banyensakul from the Ruamkatanyu Rescue Foundation said: ''People ask why we could not leave the snake and let it eat the frog. That's because this was a family home and it is not safe to have snakes in residential areas. This species can sometimes be dangerous and it is always best to call the rescue service if a snake is seen.’’