Incredible moment lightning causes Italian church to lose power during final blessing at wedding

This was the incredible moment a church in Sicily lost power during a wedding ceremony after a lightning bolt struck nearby.

Filmed on August 4, the priest's final blessing was met with a loud clap of thunder causing Sicily's historic Church of Saint Francis of Assisi to lose power.

The congregation then burst into spontaneous applause while plunged into darkness, with only a couple of candles flickering in front of the priest.

Stunned filmer Franco La Bua, a photographer, told Newsflare: "The moment of the priest's amen was covered by lightning striking in front of the door of the church that made the walls tremble and leaving the church in the dark.

"A terrible moment of absolute silence was followed by applause," he said.

"Personally, I managed to stay calm and continue. I think it is unique and unrepeatable. The thunder was the only one in the whole day."

Permission of the wedding couple to share the video has been granted.