Indian families fetch water from 50-foot well in drought-hit village

This is the moment 80 families of a village in southern India rush to draw water from a 50-feet well risking their lives during an ongoing drought.

All the water sources in Chimmegaon village near Bidar in Karnataka state have dried up due to a severe drought.

Residents say local government officials had been supplying water through tankers, which also stopped inexplicably in April.

A tanker unexpectedly arrived and started filling a well with water on May 5.

Footage shows the thirsty villagers fetching water from a well using ropes to pull out jars filled with water.

A local villager Basavaraja Naik said: ‘’This happens each time a tanker fills up the well with water. There is a stampede to get water as we do not know when the next tanker will come.’’

A senior district official Mahadev told local reporters that he would find out why the water supply through tankers had been erratic and would resolve the problem. “People should not panic,” he said.