Indian family leaves home for a few days, returns to find leopard has moved in

A family in southern India left their farm for a few days to attend a wedding and were surprised and terrified to discover on their return a leopard had moved into their house.

Forest officials were immediately called when the animal was discovered yesterday (February 5), and they shortly arrived at the scene Pattavayal village near Gudalur in Tamil Nadu state, catching it using a trap set on the front door.

The animal was first discovered when Naushad, son of Mr. Rayan the owner of the home, opened the door of the house and saw the leopard running into a room in the house. Taken aback by this, Naushad locked closed the door and locked it, while his father informed the Forest department.

Forest department sources said that since there is a small gap along the roof of the house on its rear, the leopard could have entered the house through it and settled down inside the empty house for several days. 

The predator was believed to have wandered into the village area from the surrounding jungle, and was safely transported to another part of the jungle.