Indian farmers carry Air Force plane on shoulders after crash

An Indian Air Force plane was carried by farmers on their shoulders after it crash-landed on a sugarcane field in Baghpat, India.

A group of nearly 50 farmers lifted the Pipistrel light aircraft and carried it for 500 metres to a road where Indian Air Force officials took it away.

Ravidra, a resident of Ranchhad village, said that Air Force officials were apprehensive that they may cause further damage to crops while trying to remove the plane from the sugarcane field.

"We solved the problem by carrying the plane on our shoulders," he said.

The 500kg Indian Air Force light aircraft nosedived into a sugarcane field in Baghpat village on the morning of October 5.

No one, including the two pilots, was injured in the incident.

Indian Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Anupam Banerjee told reporters: “The accident doesn’t fall into the category of a crash. It had to be parachuted down owing to some technical fault which is being investigated."