Indian forest officials capture man-killer elephant

Forest department personnel captured a man-killer rogue elephant on March 11.

The rogue elephant named Vadakkanad Komban, which had terrorised villages in South India was captured with the help of captive elephants at Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.

The intelligent behemoth sensed that it was being tracked and fled to a marshland where it knew it would be difficult to follow it.

But the officials managed to tranquilise it, load it on to a truck and shift it to Muthanga elephant camp.

A senior forest official Dhanesh Kumar said: “It will be under observation for a few days at a temporary kraal (enclosure) set up here."

Vadakkanadu Komban had killed a tribal boy in Ponkuzhi on May 30, 2018.

The same day, the Chief Wildlife warden issued an order to capture the tusker. But it managed to elude its trackers and moved into deep forest in the Bandipur Tiger Reserve.

The elephant recently surfaced and began to destroy crops and threaten villagers living close to Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary prompting forest officials to capture it.