Indian girl sets world record for most forward rolls in contorted yoga pose

A girl from southern India broke two world records for performing forward rolls in a contorted yoga position in an amazing display of flexibility and skill.

The event took place on February 23 in Udupi, Karnataka state, as Tanushree Pithroday, 10, broke the records for 'Most Forward Rolls with Dhanurasana Yoga Pose in One Minute’ and ‘Most Forward Rolls with Dhanurasana Yoga Pose'.

The present record she set was for performing Dhanurasana, a prone position with one's legs bent backwards onto one's shoulders, 62 times in one minute and another for performing it 96 times in one minute and 40 seconds.

Apart from the newly created records, Pithrody, who comes from Udyavar near the temple city of Udupi, has two more under her belt. On Nov 11, 2017, she entered the Golden Book of World Records, an American equivalent of Guinness Book of World records, after performing Neeralamba Poorna Chakrasana for a minute.

On April 7, 2018, Pithrody set the Guinness record for most full-body revolutions maintaining a chest stand position. The then-nine-year-old performed 42 full body revolutions in one minute to clinch the title.

After she completed the rolls, Manish Bishnoi, representative of Golden Book of World Records, announced both the records and handed over the certificates to Ms. Pithrody, who was accompanied by her father, Uday Kumar and mother, Sandhya.

The young record holder is a student of class five at the St. Cecily’s Kannada Medium School. She presently trains under yoga master Hariraj Kinnigoli.

Apart from yoga, the girl also shines in dancing. Pithrody has been learning Bharatnatyam since the age of three under the guidance of Radhakrishna Kodancha, and training in Yakshagana under Aditya Ambalpady.