Indian man feeds thousands of parakeets everyday from outside his apartment

An Indian man from Chennai, Tamil Nadu has been dubbed the "Birdman of Chennai" after he has fed thousands of parakeets daily since 2004.

A camera mechanic by profession, the man had turned the terrace of his rented residence into a dining hall for around 2,000 birds, mostly parrots, every day.

Come the winters, the numbers touch 6000. Sekhar has been feeding the winged creatures nonstop since he started in 2004. It has become his life, he says.

"I am doing this for the last 15 years and haven't missed out on a single day," he says.

Later he explained the feeding takes place twice daily, during which all the birds eat. While one group eat, the other waits patiently.

The footage was captured earlier this month on March 13.